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Wow congrats!! Looks awesome. If the syllabus has an open license for #oer would love to show it off on the wiki Either way let's network on #literacies

2020/05/25 16:29 · jgmac1106


Just posted the third episode of the Glokal Local Poetry Hour check it out:

2020/05/20 22:05 · jgmac1106



Hey @jimgroom I saw you fooling around with Audio Hijack for #ds106radio. Do my settings look correct? I am thinking I call @dogtrax in zoom, we mute when playing track (cued up in Our fall back is to record our segments and put recorded show up an hour late. Want to do it live

2020/04/09 15:16

Hoping I set up the source and livstream correctly

My tweet

Here is how I am setting up live stream for tomorrow's Glokal Yokel Poetry hour on #ds106 radio. I need to bring in @dogtrax and play the tracks already uploaded. Maybe need to practice

2020/04/09 15:04

Getting the Stream Set #ds106 #ds106radio #clmooc

screenshot of audiotracks being added to show

Getting all the files in place, next stop try to get two different people on a live stream. Should I have @dogtrax call me and then use my internal audio as a feed in audio hijack?

2020/04/09 14:52

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