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Getting Ready to launch the Glokal Yokel #ds106radio poetry hour

#clmooc team so close to launching our #ds106radio Glokal Yokel Poetry Hour. Bumper? check. Logo? check. Poems? Check, check, check. Loose script? Check. Now just to pick a time and see if we can live stream a poetry hour. #ds106

2020/04/09 12:15 · jgmac1106

Note 20204006T954

tweet by me

Actually @dogtrax the media upload and embed tools in @dokuwiki are really swell. No need for me to muck about in OwnCloud (need to move that to new @ReclaimHosting account...running low on space..100gb how??).

2020/04/07 13:58 · jgmac1106

Note 20204006T950

@dogtrax Invited you to the wiki and made a planning page for the #clmooc #ds106 radio page. Need to get to teaching but will make a folder to share audio files, jump in the wiki.

2020/04/07 13:52 · jgmac1106

Note 20200406T0840

I spent the morning organizing my bookmarks and research about online teaching. About 1/4 way through Maybe useful #edchat #literacies #edtechchat #highered

2020/04/07 12:43

edtechchat note 1

I made a wiki and will be adding all my online resources and guides I built. Taking awhile to curate from all the places I have written about online teaching. Cool thing I can tweet from my wiki. #edtechchat

2020/04/07 00:15

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