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Glokal Yokel Poetry Radio Hour

Episode One: Window Pains


Out My Window

Join us to define poetry, explore poems from our windows, share local poets, and just riff on sounds

Teaching with This Episode

  • Look out your window and write a poem
  • Write a poem defining poetry
  • Pick a small moment and observe it
  • Pick an object and connect with another unlikely thing describe them both using sensory details.
  • Be the fun guy who does puns with fungi

Episode One Planning Archive


Loose Script

It's mainly off the cuff but no way a bunch of English teachers do anything without pre-writing.

First Half

In the first half of the show we catch up with each other and share the theme of the show. We then share a strategy you can use to write a poem to that theme. Next we share readings of our poems. Sometimes live but often pre-recorded, like a DJ playing a track.This week we focus on “Out our Window.”

At a time when we face a global lockdown we want to share tales of what life looks like in our locality. This task began in Kevin Hodgson's language arts class. Thats's the thing with poetry . Lessons quite universal. Tips that work in kindergarten work in college,

Wendy Taleo - Protesting with Care

Sheri Edwards - Out My Window

Greg McVerry

Pandemic in the Canopy

Show Link

Kevin Hodgson

Day Nine: Take Time Today

Poems of Local Poets

2nd Half of Show

In this half we celebrate a poet connected to a theme. Given our theme of “out our window” this episode we share poems from some of our favorite poets. This maybe recordings of the poets reading or us reading their work.

Magi Gibson

Magi Gibson, Lipstick (Sarah) -

Magi's a friend of mine. She's an amazing, passionate woman and a Scottish poet.

Susan Allison

Susan Allison Here We Are Now in a Moment Like This One Will read live.

I picked to read this poem as perfect for a moment like this one. Susan Allison was Middletown's first poet laureate. She helped to carve out a niche artist community where everyone feels welcome. A poet's poet.

Wiliam McGonagall

Will read this one live:

“McGonagall has been lampooned as the worst poet in British history. The chief criticisms are that he was deaf to poetic metaphor and unable to scan correctly. His only apparent understanding of poetry was his belief that it needed to rhyme. McGonagall's fame stems from the humorous effects these shortcomings are considered to generate in his work. Scholars argue that his inappropriate rhythms, weak vocabulary, and ill-advised imagery combine to make his work amongst the most unintentionally amusing dramatic poetry in the English language.”

Leslea Newman

Leslea, poet/writer/artist and former Poet Laureate of Northampton, MA, sent around a poem via her email – Thirteen Ways of Looking at Life Before the Virus – – and the first stanza is centered on remembering the touch of hands … (Kevin will read)

Other Poems Written at Home During Lockdown

3rd Half of Show

Possible Poems

In the third half of the show we just riff. We cue up a bunch of poems. We may discuss them or we may do a poetry challenge and try to write or record a poem while Side B of our work continues to roll.

Somber Solitude

Show Link

Day 22: Hopeless in the Hoping Hour

Show Link


Sounds of Home School Child of Kil

A poem for someone else's home. Saw a message on LinkedIn….

Poems and Posts Afer the Show

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