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this is a test post

2020/11/29 13:36

I started to collect my notes around agentive apprenticeship.

Up next searching my #cogntion tags.

2020/11/29 13:36

Note 20204006T954

tweet by me

Actually @dogtrax the media upload and embed tools in @dokuwiki are really swell. No need for me to muck about in OwnCloud (need to move that to new @ReclaimHosting account...running low on space..100gb how??).

2020/11/29 13:36

Note 20204006T950

@dogtrax Invited you to the wiki and made a planning page for the #clmooc #ds106 radio page. Need to get to teaching but will make a folder to share audio files, jump in the wiki.

2020/11/29 13:36


Just posted the third episode of the Glokal Local Poetry Hour check it out:

2020/11/29 13:36

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