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Making an IndieWeb Wiki

This weekend I have been fooling around with a wiki. I used to have a massive wiki on wikispaces. It had hundreds of members and over 700 book reviews of children's literature.

Then wikispaces folded. The export tools provided, well would have been easier to remove nails with a banana. I have the download, somehwere.

So I started over. I made a new wiki using doku wiki. I use mediawiki for a few big projects but the admin tax too damn high.

Enter Doku Wiki

So I tried doku wiki? Why, dunno. Reclaim Hosting makes it available in cPanel so I gave it a shot. Then I really liked it. Few of us in IndieWeb chat have discussed wikis as of late. I wanted to see if I could add some basic building blocks to the wiki.

It took two installs, I broke the first. Luckily Doku Wiki saves all data in one folder, in plain text. Backup and export was easy. I then learned how to add an html block. I got webmentions working using Fluffy's script.

Up next I wanted to tackle microformats. I learned how to edit the main.tpl file for any theme, This provided the template. I added an h-entry and an assumed author h-card. I then enabled HTML and added an h-card to my sidebar. I did have to add a timestamp plugin to get dt-published or dt-updated. I have to manually add the properties for time.

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