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in apprenticeship learning target skills are not only continually in use by skilled practitioners, but are instrumental in completing meangingful tasks

learning of skills and knowledge embedded in social and functional context 456

The biggest difference between agentive apprenticeships and cognitive apprenticeship is the focus on growing the network and spaces of learning rather than focusing solely on strategy use by the individual learner.

Theoretical Perspective

History of Cognitive Apprenticeship

Differences Between Cognitive Apprenticeship and Agentive Apprenticeship

Design Goals

cognitive apprenticeships: “designed to teach the process experts use to handle complex tasks p. 457”

agentive apprenticeships

designed to support community goals through learner growth

Learning Process

cognitive apprenticeship

learning through guided experienced

agentive apprenticeship

learning through a networked experience

Network Thinking

cognitive apprenticeship

require extensive techniques to encourage the development of self correction and monitoring skills 458

agentive apprenticeship

  • these skills are encouraged, documented, and parsed using blogging and social media tools
  • use of karma and gamification for documentation and dopamine
  • personal goal setting
Network Technologies and Abstracted Replay
  1. social media networks (plenty of SNA data available? useful? usually just noise redone in pretty pictures)
  2. blogging
  3. chat rooms

Cognitive Apprenticeship was so much about how to deliver feedback. (see the tehcnical reports from Brown, Collins, Dugiuid) and to encourage metacognitive stretgy use. Even here the metacognition was usually focused on outcome driven feedback.

If you look at you can see how these feedback loops emerge.

For these we utlized Gee's Circuit of Reflective Inquiry to operationalize how feedback occurs in agentive apprenticeship.

Increasingly times this feedback is provided my non human actors. In the IndieWeb community for example participants use parsers to check to see if their websites are built correctly. In #DS106 these feedback loops are strengthened with a wide network of alumni and enthusiasts who may come across a post by a student after it was shared by a bot. DS106 also uses a daily assignment bot that posts a creative challenge veryday

Sequencing in Agentive Apprenticeship

  • Complexity
  • Diversity
  • Global before local skills

Sociology of Learning in Agentive Apprenticeship

  • Situated Learning
  • Culture of Expert Practice
  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • Exploiting Cooperation
  • Exploiting Competition

Personal Goals Aligned to Values

“I look for agentive apprenticeship. Needs to be a place where I am developing or building something that helps me grow in a network where we have aligned values” Twitter chat

Network as Teacher

Reflection on Learning Pagination

Space as Mentor and Semiotics

I query Loqi and then find examples of how other people do pagination in their urls.

See Also

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