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  • transition can be seen as a process of fundamental change
  • Functions of Innovation Systems

Technological Systems

A technological system is defined as: <blockquote>… networks of agents interacting in a specific tech- nology area under a particular institutional infras- tructure to generate, diffuse and utilize technology. Technological systems are defined in terms of knowledge or competence flows rather than flows of ordinary goods and services. They consist of dynamic knowledge and competence networks (Carlsson and Stankiewicz, 1991, p. 111)</blockquote>

Negro and Hekkert discussed seven functions of innovation systems in a model that seems to be driven by free market ideals. The first function entrepreneurial activities can be cast as more agent or creative based.

  • Function 1: Entrepreneurial activities-sounds a little free market bias to me, could be creative activites
  • Function 2: Knowledge development (learning)-liking this concept of agentive apprenticeships
  • Function 3: Knowledge diffusion through networks-liking Affinity Spaces
  • Function 4: Guidance of the search-If you read the description this is more shared values
  • Function 5: Market formation
  • Function 6: Resource mobilisation
  • Function 7: Advocacy coalition (creation of legitimacy/counteract resistance of change)
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