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Note 20200406T0840

I spent the morning organizing my bookmarks and research about online teaching. About 1/4 way through Maybe useful #edchat #literacies #edtechchat #highered

2020/11/29 13:36

Note 20200406T220357+0000:

Notes require no titles. I will need to hack on the urls some bit. Don't like all the namespace stuff anyways. But @dokuwiki may have become one of the easiest solutions I have found for long and short form writing Tweet by Me

2020/11/29 13:36

Hoping I set up the source and livstream correctly

My tweet

Here is how I am setting up live stream for tomorrow's Glokal Yokel Poetry hour on #ds106 radio. I need to bring in @dogtrax and play the tracks already uploaded. Maybe need to practice

2020/11/29 13:36

Getting the Stream Set #ds106 #ds106radio #clmooc

screenshot of audiotracks being added to show

Getting all the files in place, next stop try to get two different people on a live stream. Should I have @dogtrax call me and then use my internal audio as a feed in audio hijack?

2020/11/29 13:36

Getting Started

  • I made dokuwiki
  • installed the 2015 theme
  • played with the blogging plugins
  • fooled around with the php trying to add microformats, I failed
  • Played with the HTML plugins
  • Moving on to original goal of content

2020/11/29 13:36

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