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Four Questions




2 min

300 Words

Open on an image of CT flag fade to manufacturing

Grab a bunch of Solar Winds headlines and make a graphic

Can’t always be stopped but that is why we must be prepared to protect National Security and Connecticut’s economy.

Define the problem:

DoD taking cybersecurity seriously. If CT does not act now, Primes and large subs will send their contracts out of state.

There will be billions doled out for CMMC through Pathfinder awards and the NDAA. CT must ask



Cybercrime stock photo and video

Quotes from FBI, NSA etc

Get scary stats

Make a gif of SolarWinds headlines

5 min

750 words

Introducing SCSU as CT premier CMMC partner

Highlight the intelligence, veterans, FedRamp and NIST CyberSecurity specialists who make up the learning team

Introduce the Computer Science Programs new CMMC/171 pathway in CyberSecurity MA Program

What do you see as Southern’s role in the CMMC ecosystem?

How can School of Graduate Studies and Professional Ed support the Connecticut Defense economy?

What makes Connecticut so attractive as an advanced manufacturing hub?

Why choose SCSU as your CMMC partner?


Stock video of CT for voice over

Stock video of SCSU

Stock video of subs, Chinook, Apache,

15 min

2225 words

History of CUI from sharing to securing

Define Federal Contract Information

Define Controlled Unclassified Information

Compare FCI and CUI

Describe types of CUI

Explain legal requirement for labeling, inheriting, storing, transmitting FCI/CUI, and destroying

Identify federal laws and regulations that govern handling of FCI/CUI

How do I know if I hold FCI or CUI?

How are the laws and regulations different for protecting FCI and CUI?

What is the history of CUI?

Can my IP be CUI?


9/11 Memorial

(five second moment of silence)


Stock video of manufacturing

Stock video of hackers

10 min

1500 words

CMMC Model

Describe history of CMMC

Compare roles in the CMMC ecosystem

Provide examples of process maturity

Contrast practices across domains

Identify CMMC compliance timeline

What is CMMC?

Who are the players a small manufacturer should know in the CMMC ecosystem?

How would a small manufacturer document processes at Level 1 and 3?

How do the Domains change between levels one and three?

Based on the CMMC program when does my company need to be compliant?


DC Stock video

10 min

150 words

CMMC Assessment

Describe the roles of assessment team members

Explain how an assessor determines adequacy and sufficiency

Identify qualities of effective assessment reports?

How do the assessment guides relate to NIST 800-171a

What does it mean to interview, examine, and test? Does one matter more?

As a small business what should I expect in an assessment report?

Should I make my staff get CMMC certifications?


Computer stock video manufacturing stick video


51 min

3 minutes each

CMMC Domains

define the domain

List practices at Level 1

List additional practices at Level 3

Describe process documentation

Provide a definition of each domain

Describe requirements to meet process maturity.

Where will an assessor look, who will they talk to, what will they test?

List questions a small business can ask h/t Allison Giddens


See script

Call outs for each domain,

Develop a color coded text structure for each element

20 min

3000 words

Getting Started and Controlling Cost

Contrast software, documentation, and consulting solutions

Explain importance of inventory, audit a, access, and budget documentation.

Define OSC responsibility when using an MSP for IT.

What is CMMC going to cost me?

What are the first steps I should take?

How important is documentation and pre-assessment activity?

I use a contractor for all my IT and security. Do they need CMMC too?


Manufacturing stock video

~9 minutes closing and overflow

CTA contact SCSU for CMMC training and our partner CyberDI for consulting.


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