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Give Us Money Save the World

offer out of school stuff but take opportunity to root web in our libraries, Make it local. Keep archiving where it belongs. Most importantly reconnect kids to passion. Help us out 25k. save the world #edtechchat Read More:

Our Idea:

Libraries are a lifeline to local culture, knowledge and college readiness. They have all closed. If we want to not lose this academic year we must provide social and enrichment programs to students.

I have this unfunded proposal #checkoutmydomain I want to revise this proposal by combining with a mobile hotspot for checkout as well, and remote programs. Bring it to many more libraries, drop all the money fringe steals. Focus on the number of participants.

Goal One: Fast-Release Prototyping of Lo-Fi Learning Tools

Simultaneously I am ramping up our prototypes of an open source courseware tool using a grant from UCONN:

I support two organizations. The first is in now New Haven We were just launching and had students passionate. I need tools to connect.

I am also an advisor to the Global Open Initiative Foundation in Accra, Ghana. I and Sadik Shahadu were recognized as Mozilla Open Leaders Fellows to create an OER network across Ghana. We have chapters in Accra and Navrongo. All on a $200.00 budget.

In Ghana we tried to move our events online and the local network and personal equipment could not keep up. These condition exist in New Haven just as they do in Accra.

This project will result in an OFFLINE first lo-fi LMS platform.

Goal Two: Recenter digital infrastructure in marginalized communities

The pedagogy of both the elm city webmakers and OER Ghana is the same. We tell our story, learn something, teach something, do something.

It works with any passion and learning doesn't really work without passion. Every kid who relied on the library is cut off. We need to take this opportunity to reestablish this lifeline of college readiness.

This project will result in 100s of children who use their passions to build up the digital literacy skills we now know are about survival, not an add on edtech period after lunch.

Is #checkoutmydomain fundable?

I can start tomorrow. All my partners are ready to go. I believe in a world improved by innovation systems. This change takes a drastic event like COVID-19. I do not want to just provide the immediate care and compassion our kids need but use this time to reflect on mistakes and build a better future.

One where literacy and identity work do not get pillaged by a few multinational corporations but gets archived and built through local love and knowledge. Schools and libraries. Our future. Always.

I know how to address the digital divide. It involves so much more than a connection. I was awarded CT Computer educator of the year in 2006 for my efforts to teach the web and I helped craft Mozilla's curriculum the last ten years.

I just need cash.

25k I could get programs rolling all across libraries in the US. We launched Ghana for $200. Like super fast. Nobody has the networks to pull this off as scale like I do.

K12 schools and Higher Ed faculty are overwhelmed. They can't breath, another initiative isn't what they need. Let's focus on the learning and not the education side for a bit and make a quick difference in students' lives.

We must protect the children.

Greg McVerry

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