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Glokal Yokel Poetry

This episode we play with images to get at the essence of poetry.

Episode 3: Do Images Rhyme?

We try to answer' Sarah's semi serious question, "Can poems rhyme?"

Can Images Rhyme?

Teaching with This Episode

Key Vocabulary

  • ekphrasis -writing about paintings or images
  • rebus- using an image as a word (emoji anyone)
  • mood- the emotional feeling or setting of a poem.
  • tone- the attitude the poet takes toward its subject. Influences the tone
  • visual imagery- drawing on the sense of sight to paint pictures through explicit description

Mentor Texts

Poets Using Paintings

The Great Wave: Hokusai by Donald Finkle

Musee des Beaux Arts by W. H. Auden

Starry Night by Ann Sexton

  • Teaching Ideas
    • Examine the repetition of color in these poems? How do different poets use the description of color to affect tone and mood?
    • Have students make multimodal remixes of the poem to develop an understanding of using fonts and images in mixed media poetry. The two elements should always work to enhance the message, unless breaking the rules in the message.
    • Many of the poets use repetition in some form? What connection does this have to the source image?

Poets Using Photographs

Knowledge by Natasha Tretheway (CW: Nude cadaver)

Much of Tretheway's work derives from images. Whether from pictures, documents, or memories these poems draw on snapshots of history. When you read the history of the image Tretheway used (CW:suicide, body image) the poem becomes more real.

  • Teaching Ideas
    • Have students look for elements of gender, power, and tone?
    • Interrogate how Tretheway treats beauty. How does this treatment affect structure? word choice?

Reading Images and Poems

Read this image Hughes, National Poetry Gallery what does the image say about Hughes as a poet? Then compare your thought to Hughes poem I, Too. What do the two together say about Hughes as a poet and America as a society?

Responding to Poetry

Writing Poetry

Rebus Poems ReadWriteThink lesson plan your primary grades.

Metaphor Poems make an extended mataphor poem at any age.

Remixing Tone, Imagery and Images Take the same picture and write two poems at any age.

This Photo Wants to Be A Poemprompt by Margaret Simon

Show Notes


Funkin All Night by Fre3kbass


It's mainly off the cuff but no way a bunch of English teachers do anything without pre-writing.

First Half

In the first half of the show we share our poems about images as we weave through a discussion of the questions, “Can images rhyme?” We then talk about how we use images to write our poetry or use poetry to write our images.

Each time you walk, a poem awaits. by Sheri

Broken Pencils by Kevin

Kevin - Hailstones Kevin - Slanted Tree Kevin - Gossamer Paper

Collapsing Moon by Greg

by Simon

Second Half

In this half we celebrate a poet connected to a theme. Choose poets who have written poems that paint images of local places or choose poems from poets who use images to write.

* The Eagle by Alfred Lord Tennyson shared by Sheri

* Dust of Snow by Robert Frost shared by Sheri

* Auto Imagist Poetry Bot shared by Kevin

Third Half

3rd Half of Show Share other poems you wrote aligned to the theme, poems you wrote getting ready for the show, or poems you wrote after the last show.

Asynchronous Interview Questions

* How do you rhyme an image?


* What are your other artistic endeavors? What connection to poetry do you see?


* Do you, and if so how, do you use images in writing poetry?


* Why did you choose the poets you are sharing?


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