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Owning Your Certificate of Authenticity

You don't need no NFTs to know your NAFO Fella. No Blockchain around to help you keep your hound found. Just a bunch of brain damaged fellas forging pfps as a thank you for donating.

Nobody commissions art so no need for authenticity. Yet for personal reasons many people want a permanence to their fella. The Forger who made your fella may quit or more likely get their brain damaged hides kicked off Twitter.

You can own your own credentialing by relying on HTML, some hyperlinks and the Internet Archive.


We will cover how to use the Internet Archive to create a canonical link of your Fella.

This requires a link to the delivered Fella. For those who received Fellas by email we will do another tutorial.

Go to the Internet Archive Wayback Time Machine:

Paste In Your Link

If you got a delivery on Twitter Paste in your link to you tweet.

If you got a delivery on Discord paste a link to the image, not a link to your request. You can open an image in your Browser from Discord.

(For email deliveries you will have to wait for the next tutorial on creating and using an Internet Archive account)

Save the URL

Click save this url.

You then get to choose what to archive. You can choose outlinks, and screenshots. This will archive the forger and the link to your request

Share the links

You now have a canonical link of your Fella and proof you hold the original image made of stolen images that anyone is allowed to steal because all Fellas in the Public Domain.

(it's still nice to ask, or take down someone's fella when asked nicely)

You also can get a screenshot

Without using NFTs or any kind of fancy Blockchain your Fella and proof of how and when it got forged is possible.

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