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Update on IndieWeb Wiki

An update on how I am adding a wiki to my life stack and my successes and failures in adding #IndieWeb building blocks

So I spent much of the day hacking on the wiki rather than getting everything in place for long form writing. I tried a few Doku Wiki templates and decided to stick with the default. This provides the cleanest path forward. Many of the templates introduced unecessary complexity that made hacking on the project hard.

I kind of have a rule. If I have trouble using HTML elements or applying CSS rules and selectors I walk away. You may have built something cool but it ain't simple enough for me. The first theme I tried used Jquery and panes for layout. I walked away. The second theme, Mateiral I like, but I had trouble getting webmentions to display. Though I didn't add the javascript and css files directly to the theme. That might have did the trick, I amy go paly again.

The default Dokuwiki template also seems to have the most potential to see updates. Judging by forum and IRC activity the community is small. My kind of place.

I do want to figure out how to fix the urls to my liking.

The other thing I had to add a plugin to get the dt-published for microformats. I am not including the built in doc info, pulling in there would mean moving my h* somewhere else.

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