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As a small to mid size prime who bids on and gets included in the advanced manufacturing awards that support or National Defense you have heard of the CMMC.

You know to get ready. As an organization you have dedicated time and treasure to comply with the rules of the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplemental for years. You are not done (looking at you unsecured personal mobile devices) but the journey has begun.

Yet the direction of steps you take do not make you wobble. As a small to mid size prime you must worry about all the subcontractors who receive Federal Contract Information or transmit, receive, and create Controlled Unclassified Information on your behalf.

If these small manufacturers, many trying to make next quarter's payroll and stay in the black, could cost you tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars.

You do not fear the Department of Defense. CMMC, the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, could come and go like every other unfunded and unenforced past initiative.

What about the large primes? What if they do not trust the hygiene of your supply chain? Given all the consolidation they could easily move work from Connecticut to Virginia. Seattle to Atlanta. Dallas to Huntsville. Do you fear what the large primes will do if your suppliers let you down?

They could already be costing you money.

The Pathfinder Awards, bids the Department of Defense will use to pilot CMMC can equal hundreds of millions for your firm and billions for your state economy. Do you want a lack of readiness in your supply chain to threaten your chances?

To address your concern CyberDI has created the Customized Partnership System using a Five point system designed for small and midsize prime contractors:

  1. Collect Baseline Data
  2. Focus on Documentation
  3. Address Technological Needs
  4. Conduct Gap Analysis
  5. Deliver Custom CMMC Courses

Collect Baseline Data

Gather baseline data. As a small or mid size prime. You need to know how many of your companies want to meet CMMC compliance, what it will cost, and how many of your subs can afford the task.

Not only do you need this mission specific information but this data will become essential when bidding on awards and economic development grants (grant writers we got those too).

Utilizing easy to complete surveys and interviews we develop a picture of your supply chain.

Focus on Documentation

Utilizing a hybrid approach that begins with you utilizing templates to document many or practices and processes we save you tens of thousands of dollars in consulting fees.

We can coach all of your subs on the same documentation system. As a small to mid-size prime you need to understand your CUI flowdown more than anyone.

Fidelity of documentation across your product supply chain saves money and improves reliability of conclusions. Can you afford to let you subs pick #CMMC willy-nilly from the marketplace?

Address Technological Needs

From SIEM to email migration partners, secure cloud, CMMC templates, and penetration testers we have access to the largest network of managed service providers in the CyberDI network.

As a Prime this brings you advantages. First you can skip the bottleneck. No need to speculate what will happen when everyone needs to secure migration. The backlog is real. Second the number of subcontractors you bring to the table means negotiating power. Luckily we already provide massive affiliate deals with the must trusted firms in the Nation.

Using your buying power and our network we can deliver a price point to your subcontractors they could never get on their own.

Conduct Gap Analysis Across the Supply Chain

As a small to midsize prime you may have hundreds of subcontractors with a few dozen as mission critical. How does it help you if they each (or not at all) conduct independent Gap Analysis.

As someone responsible for all the CUI flowdown once it hits or gets created on your floors you can not accept this outcome. When you partner with CyberDI you can utilize the data and know we root your decision metrics in science.

Together we will hire a hire a Project Manager you trust as a third party indpenedent contractor. Someone to oversee and represent your company interests but free from your corporate structure. Some we know can help you company save monet

The CyberDI network with our partners can conduct a Gap Analysis not just of a company but your entire supply chain network.

Complete DFARS Self-Assessment

Many of your subcontractors have had a legal requirement of compliance since 2017. You may even flow CUI down to contractors who help you on existing awards that carry 7012 clause requiring a level of self-assessment.

In the fourth phase of our system we identify your subcontractors who should work with a professional on completing and uploading a an assessment score.

Our system minimizes the cost of this step. By the time we have collected the base line data, upgraded technical systems, and completed a gap analysis the actual cost of a partner for a self assessment, and future CMMC assessments gets drastically reduced.

More important you can believe in the data. You can present the readiness of your supply chain to the large primes who can just as easily give your business to an out of state customer.

CMMC Trainings and Courses

In the last step of our system we design and have the CMMC-AB certify courses specifically for all of your subcontractors. The Cybersecurity Maturity model is universal. The NIST-171a and pending 172 supplemental is universal. Your systems are not.

Why not use your leverage to demand courses get customized for your supply chain?

CyberDI built a learning team from the nation's best educational psychologists, veterans, intelligence experts, and cybersecurity experts. All of our curriculum gets written and published in partnership with the Computer Science Department at Southern Connecticut State University.

CyberDI also has national network of Higher Education partners. How many of the Licensed Trainers on the marketplace can handle a network of your size? Not many. We can. You can complete your custom courses online, on campus, or we can come to you and your subs to deliver instruction.

Together we can also deliver the lowest price point on CMMC training and courses for the companies that make up your corner of the Defense supply chain. Do you really want the dozens and hundreds of companies you send work to going out and booking their own CMMC courses and training?

Has fragmentation ever made you more competitive?

Join Our Network

As a small to mid size line you need not just worry about your bottom line but also the health of your suppliers. You can not also worry about the front line of cyber warfare.

Let us, CyberDI, and partners in our network, protect your security and state economy.

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