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“Rhyming owls” by NomadWarMachine is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

Patterns exist everywhere. We live by recognizing when stuff fits patterns and learn when stuff doesn't. Texts are no different.

Teaching students to analyze text structure help establish a purpose for reading and creates a mental model to aid in comprehension.


  • Create a screencast to teach students how to annotate a text for text structure
  • Identify strategies to use text structure to improve comprehension



Meyer, B. J., & Ray, M. N. (2017). Structure strategy interventions: Increasing reading comprehension of expository text. International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education, 4(1), 127-152.

But annotate this week specifically for elements of text structure, main ideas, headings, signal words, transitions, etc.


What is the shape of your story


Participate in the Discussion on MSFT Teams. Make a video teaching and then modeling how you annotate a text for text structure Submit a rough draft of a text structure lesson plan.

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