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Radio Show


Record at least one semi regular probably will never happen live radio show during the month of April. It's poetry month and everyone stuck inside. Why not finally do a ds106 #clmoor radio show?


Each show will br broken into three halves

  • First half a discussion on the theme and tips for writing poems, writing tip, poems from our window
    • share two examples dogtrax and jgmac1106 and add your name here, discuss them
  • Second half of show discuss poets and read their work
  • Third half of the show share our poems related to theme or live write a poem (while poetry plays dead air is dumb)

First Show

Glokal Yokels Episode One


<div class="h-entry" >
<p class="p-name">Out My Window</p>
<p class="p-summary">Join us to define poetry, explore poems from our windows, share local poets, and just riff on sounds</p>

<time class=“dt-published” datetime=“2020-04-11 09:04:20”>09thApril 2020</time> <audio class=“u-audio” src=“” controls=“controls”> </audio> </div> </html>

  • Theme: Close to home
  • Hosts: dogtrax, jgmac1106, add your name
  • Featured Poets
  • Featured Poems
  • Live write a poem inspired by poet

Second Show

Episode Two: Why Can't I

Glokal Yokels Episode Two

  • Theme: Why Can't I
  • Hosts“ jgmac1106, add your name here
  • Guests: add your name here
  • “Write a Poem” Strategy
  • Featured Poets
  • Featured Poems

Third Show


<div class="h-entry" >
<p class="p-summary">We try to answer' Sarah's semi serious question, "Can images rhyme?"</p>

<time class=“dt-published” datetime=“2020-05-20 14:00:00”>20th May 2020</time> <audio class=“u-audio” src=“” controls=“controls”> </audio>

<p class="p-name">Can Images Rhyme?</p>

</div> </html>

Glokal Yokels Episode Three

  • Theme: Using Images
  • Hosts” jgmac1106, add your name here
  • Guests: add your name here
  • “Write a Poem” Strategy: Using the Same Image Write a Poem with a Positive and Negative Connotation
  • Featured Poets
  • Featured Poems

Fourth Show

Glokal Yokels Episode Four

  • Theme: Documentary Poetry
  • Hosts“ jgmac1106, add your name here
  • Guests: add your name here
  • “Write a Poem” Strategy: Using History to Highlight Lost Voices
  • Featured Poets
  • Featured Poems

To-Do List

Really nothing but get on the horn and talk. Planning all this extra stuff is the kind of stuff that keeps you from doing stuff.



  • Come up with show name
  • Dogtrax records a bumper
  • nomadwarmachine makes show art
  • Get the ds106radio stuff showed up
  • backup wiki on
  • record show
  • * revise bumper for new show
  • get a new Doodle for the theme
  • choose a “how to” idea for “Why Can't I poems
    • * set up my mic, zoom room, audio player
  • Schedule show on dsradio106
  • Get poems from everyone on to the wiki page
  • Add the can images rhyme show
  • get poems and audieo clips from everyone
  • edit the clips into a show
  • post the “Can images rhyme show”


  • Make Owncloud folder to share audio poems, have them cued up before each show
    • sharing files on wiki or slack. Greg trying to figure out m4a issue
    • files shared in slack get backed up to wiki
  • Using Audio Hijack
    • Found Open Source Alternative

Media for Shows

Bumper Show One

Choice One

Choice Two


No clue. Thinking like an hour? Is that too long?

Maybe 3 halves Car Talk style.

  • Conversation with a poet
  • Have a theme, read some of our poems
  • Share some poets we are reading

Go with the #Walkmyworld style of a poet

  • Organize show around a particular poet
  • Read some of their poems
  • Share anything we wrote similar

Notes on Set up

First Show

  • got keys from grant potter
  • uploaded all prereorded poems as a track

screenshot of audio tracks being added

  • using audio hijack for livestream

Audio Hijack did not work. First I tried to interrupt someone's stream. Misread timezones. I was trying tp be ready on time. Learned you should buffer a live show with a block of time and have tracks or something scheduled to play.

Second Show

  • Still messed up my recording.
  • Kevin's voice was light
  • I forgot to add the system audio to record on OBS for part of the show
  • Split Kevin into a track and boosted audio
  • Was not live
  • I could not get streaming working

Third Show

  • Show changed from documentary poetry to “Can images rhyme”
  • Will not be live
  • Recorded with Sarah
  • Kevin and Sheri sent in audio responses to four poems
  • I need to learn more about editing garage band.
    • I should have listened through each persons clipped. Then listen again and then spliced each individual into an overarching art
    • I again messed up recording with Sarah. I recorded system audio but there seems to be a fade in and out to each time Sarah talked. I recorded using screencastomatic and then exported the audio clip only.
    • Next time each person will be asked to also record their mic locally and then upload the file to the wiki,.
    • I thought I had the show edited once but all my clips got out of order and the linear arrangement got messed up. This made me go through the entire show. I heard one hiccup where I used the same clipped twice. I need to learn how to add space in a track and have all other tracks shift with it.
  • The poem readings feel dry. I miss our back and fourth. If another show has to be four separate prerecorded sessions I am going to ask everyone to post audio responses to each other's poem a week ahead of time.
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